Mental Causation and Ontology [by ]
Mental Causation and OntologyAn international team of contributors presents new work on the importance of ontology for a central debate in philosophy of mind. Mental causation has been a hotly disputed topic in recent years, with reductive and non-reductive physicalists vying with each other and with dualists over how to accommodate, or else to challenge, two widely accepted metaphysical principles-the principle of the causal closure of the physical domain and the principle of causal non-overdetermination-which together appear to support reductive physicalism, despite the latter s lack of intuitive appeal....
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 Social Psychology For Dummies [by N/A]
Social Psychology For DummiesWritten for psychology students, Social Psychology For Dummies is an accessible and entertaining introduction to the field. Social Psychology For Dummies follows a typical university course, which makes it the perfect reference if you re in need of a clear (and enjoyable) overview of the topic. Whether you plan is to get ahead of the game or make up for lost time, we have you covered....
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 Cooling Of Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic Equipment [by Madhusudan Iyengar]
Cooling Of Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic EquipmentTo celebrate Professor Avi Bar-Cohen s 65th birthday, this unique volume is a collection of recent advances and emerging research from various luminaries and experts in the field. Cutting-edge technologies and research related to thermal management and thermal packaging of micro- and nanoelectronics are covered, including enhanced heat transfer, heat sinks, liquid cooling, phase change materials, synthetic jets, computational heat transfer, electronics reliability, 3D packaging, thermoelectrics, data centers, and solid state lighting. This book can be used by researchers and practitioners of thermal engineering to gain insight into next generation thermal packaging solutions. It is an excellent reference text for graduate-level courses in heat transfer and electronics ...
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 The Making of an Expert Engineer [by James Trevelyan]
The Making of an Expert Engineer This book sets out the principles of engineering practice, knowledge that has come to light through more than a decade of research by the author and his students studying engineers at work. Until now, this knowledge has been almost entirely unwritten, passed on invisibly from one generation of engineers to the next, what engineers refer to as “experience”. This is a book for all engineers. It distils the knowledge of many experts in one volume. The book will help engineers enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding career and provide more valuable results for their employers and clients. The book focuses on issues often seen as “non-technical” in the world of engineering, yet it shows how these issues are thoroughly technical. Engineering firms ...
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 Microencapsulation Methods and Industrial Applications [by Simon Benita]
Microencapsulation Methods and Industrial Applications Presenting breakthrough research pertinent to scientists in a wide range of disciplines-from medicine and biotechnology to cosmetics and pharmacy-this Second Edition provides practical approaches to complex formulation problems encountered in the development of particulate delivery systems at the micro- and nano-size level. Completely revised and expanded to represent the most up-to-date studies in the field, this guide covers advances in pulsatile delivery systems, injectable microparticulate systems, and site-specific delivery systems, as well as potential therapeutic applications of nanotechnology.   Contents PART I: METHODS OF ENCAPSULATION AND ADVANCES IN PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY 1. Biodegradable Microspheres: Advances in Production Technology 2. Advan...
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 Resistance Band Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques [by Karl Knopf M.D.]
Resistance Band Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques First used in physical therapy to introduce low-intensity strength training for rehabilitating patients, today bands come in all levels of resistance and are perfect for targeting and working every major muscle group. Using this simple device, you can: • Increase Strength • Improve Balance • Reduce Lower Back Pain • Rehabilitate Injuries Resistance Band Workbook offers more than 70 safe, effective exercises paired with clear captions and step- by-step photos that can be done practically anywhere, anytime. In addition, special programs will enhance your daily life, whether you’re looking to revamp your physique, elevate your sports performance or simply improve functional ?tness....
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 The Last Sentry: The True Story that Inspired The Hunt for Red October [by Gregory D. Young and Nate Braden]
The Last Sentry: The True Story that Inspired The Hunt for Red October  Providing inspiration for Tom Clancy s The Hunt for Red October, the 1975 mutiny aboard the Soviet destroyer Storozhevoy (translated Sentry) aimed at nothing less than the overthrow of Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviet government. Valery Sablin, a brilliant young political officer, seized control of the ship by convincing half the officers and all of the sailors to sail to Leningrad, where they would launch a new Russian Revolution. Suppressed in the Soviet Union for fifteen years, Young (the first American to uncover the mutiny twenty years ago) and Braden finally tell the untold story relying on recently declassified KGB documents as well as the Sablin family s papers. It is a gripping account of a disillusioned idealist forced to make the agonizing choice between ...
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 Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, 2 edition [by Shin-Tson Wu and Deng-Ke Yang]
Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, 2 edition From laptop computers and mobile phones to digital cinema, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are integral components in an increasing array of highly desirable consumer electronics and communication devices, and are already the predominant technology used in flat panel displays. This inter-disciplinary book is intended as an introductory guide to the fundamental properties of liquid crystals and their applications in display and photonic devices, providing a basic understanding of the physics, optics, electro-optics, and material aspects for state-of-the-art display and photonic devices. Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices includes: A comprehensive overview of LCDs including liquid crystal physics, electro-optical properties, simulation techniques and display ...
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 The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism [by Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson and Ben Thornley]
The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism offers precise details on what, exactly, impact investing entails, embodied in the experiences and best and proven practices of some of the world s most successful impact investors, across asset classes, geographies and areas of impact. The book discusses the parameters of impact investing in unprecedented detail and clarity, providing both context and tools to those eager to engage in the generational shift in the way finance and business is being approached in the new era of Collaborative Capitalism. The book presents a simple thesis with clarity and conviction: "Impact investing can be done successfully. This is what success looks like, and this is what it requires."...
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 Beginning Google Glass Development [by Jeff Tang ]
Beginning Google Glass DevelopmentBeginning Google Glass Development is your number one resource for learning how to develop for Google Glass--the paradigm-shifting mobile computing platform taking the world by storm now and for years to come. Mobile developers have always had to think for the future, and right now that means getting started with Google Glass. This book is incredibly hands-on with many exciting projects. You will learn the basics of Glass and how to set up your development environment, through to every Glass development topic using Glass Development Kit (GDK): • Glass User Interface • Camera and Image Processing • Video: Basics and Applications • Voice and Audio • Network, Bluetooth, and Social • Locations, Map, and Sensors • Graphics, Animatio...
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 CouchDB and PHP Web Development [by Tim Juravich]
CouchDB and PHP Web Development Get your PHP application from conception to deployment by leveraging CouchDB s robust features with this book and ebook. Overview Build and deploy a flexible Social Networking application using PHP and leveraging key features of CouchDB to do the heavy lifting. Explore the features and functionality of CouchDB, by taking a deep look into Documents, Views, Replication, and much more. Conceptualize a lightweight PHP framework from scratch and write code that can easily port to other frameworks. In Detail CouchDB is a NoSQL database which is making waves in the development world. It s the tool of choice for many PHP developers so they need to understand the robust features of CouchDB and the tools that are available to them. CouchDB and PHP Web Development Beg...
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 Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development [by Robert Chin ]
Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development The Unreal UDK features Epic s award-winning Unreal Engine 3, used to create bestselling games such as Infinity Blade for iOS, and popular console games like Borderlands and Bioshock. Now, you can build your own Unreal game for the iOS platform. Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development covers using the Unreal UDK game creation system to create 3D games for the iOS platform, which includes the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  Specifically, this book covers: UnrealScript programming language, going beyond the limitations of the visual Kismet scripting language The Unreal UDK code framework, basic UDK tools and other UDK items needed to build a game Various author-created game frameworks are presented and are used to illustrate the UnrealSc...
 ebook Size:32MB  Downloads:8  Rating:  Updated:Sep 26,2014

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